Michelle Latimer Dance Academy




Michelle Latimer Dance Academy is celebrating its 25th anniversary season. MLDA has been a pillar in the Denver dance community for the many years it has been training dancers. The legacy of this studio is seen in performers, choreographers and studio owners through out the United States and beyond. Students of MLDA not only have the ability to grow as dancers, teachers, coaches and choreographers, they also grow as people. This unique studio environment promotes the health and well being of its young people by instilling a strong work ethic, love and compassion for others and a deep gratitude to the privileges they enjoy. The exposure to guest artists, alumni students returning to teach and the amazing faculty is something to truly appreciate. You will find many of the performances and unique competitive pieces are a true expression of gratitude for this incredible training experience. Whether you are looking for a competitive/pre-professional training environment or to take classes on a recreational level, MLDA has classes that expose everyone to great training and a great love of dance. Come be a part of the MLDA experience today.


"Michelle Latimer has created a space that breeds true creative powerhouses and top tier professional working dancers. As a student, it gave me the tools and support I needed to pursue my career, and as a teacher, it continues to be one of my favorite places to share my passion. No matter what, no matter who, when you walk out of that building, you are BETTER than when you walked in."

~ Dana Wilson (professional dancer/ choreographer)