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"Michelle Latimer Dance Academy is a special place. It's not just a place to learn to dance. It's a place where my child grew up into a confident, fearless artist - supported by positive energy, a drive for excellence and an expectation of collaboration, teamwork and kindness. The experience your child gets at MLDA is a direct reflection of the anchoring authentic values and genuine approach Michelle and her teachers take to their teaching. They are not only passionate about dance, they are passionate about teaching. My child's experience there was life-changing, and has allowed her to have the technical skills and the emotional tools to go on to pursue dance at a top college dance program and eventually as a professional - and love every minute of it. Thank you MLDA!"

`~ Sarah Gieringer (mother of Olivia Gieringer; a freshman at USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance)


From the moment my daughter and I walked into MLDA the first time we knew it was a very different kind of dance studio. We had been exposed to the Denver dance community for years and knew their reputation for excellence in developing dancers was a given; but as a mother, I was concerned about the lessons beyond dance my daughter might learn. Would her experience be filled with drama and crazy competitive dance parents and kids? Would it be so regimented that creativity was squashed? What we found was a community filled with love, support and encouragement of every child's unique talents. My daughter's years at MLDA gave her remarkable dance technique, but she gained far more in respect for others, self esteem and the joy that comes through dancing from your heart. I will be forever grateful to Michelle and the entire staff and community for all they have shared and the knowledge that we will always be part of the extraordinary MLDA family.

~ Wendy DiLivio, parent of Margie DiLivio (current dancer represented by Bloc in LA)