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Creative Movement - Class for dancers ages 3-4.
Combo - Class for dancers ages 4-6 (4 year olds registering for this class should have previous class experience IE. creative movement)

Level 1 – This level is appropriate for beginning students that have previous combo experience or are in at least 1st grade. Dancers typically range in age 7-9 years.
Level 2 - This level is appropriate for dancers that have 3+ years of dance class. Dancers wanting to register for this level must take class first and get instructor approval to register. Dancers typically range in age 8-11 years.
*Above Level 2 requires instructor approval. Dancers wanting to take classes at one of these levels must contact the studio to arrange a time to take class for placement. After class please speak to the instructor for official placement. If a dancer takes a class and it is not the right placement a faculty member in the office will arrange an additional class for placement. Dancers placed at a level above level 2 must purchase a punch card for classes. a

****IMPORTANT**** If you are wanting to register your dancer for a class that requires teacher recommendation you still need to Register to reserve you dancer's spot in the class. Classes are filled on a first come first served basis. Register early for the best class availability!!!

4-5:30pm Teen, Senior Ballet RE

5:30-6pm Mini, Jr Rehearsal JW

6-6:45pm Musical Theatre 3 JW
(by placement)

6:45-7:45pm Teen Jazz JW

7:45-9pm Junior Ballet RE

9-10pm Rehearsal JW/JM

4-5:30pm Intern, PT1 Cont JM

5:30-6:45pm PT1, PT2 Ballet RE
(by placement)

6:45-7:45pm PT2 Contemporary JM

7:45-8:30pm Musical Theatre 4 JW
(by placement)

8:30-10pm Rehearsal JM/JW

4:15-5:15pm Mini Jazz JW

5:15-5:30pm Junior Warm-up JW

5:30-6pm Teen, Sr Flex JM
(by placement)

6-6:45pm Junior Flex JM

6:45-7:45pm Intern, PT1 Ballet RE
(by placement)

7:45-8:30pm Intern, PT1 Flex JM (by placement)

8:30-10pm Teen Combo


3:15-4pm Creative Movement 1 KB
(ages 3-4)

4-5pm Mini Ballet MM

5-6:15pm Junior Ballet MM

6:15-7:15pm Intern Lyrical ML

7:15-8:45pm Intern Ballet RE

8:45-10pm PT1 Jazz JW

4:30-5:45pm Teen, Sr Ballet RE

5:45-7:15pm PT1, PT2 Ballet RE

7:15-8:45pm Sr, PT1, PT2 Turns ML

8:45-10pm Sr, PT2 Jazz ML

4-4:30pm Tap Rehearsal DH
(Junior and up – by placement)

4:30-5:15pm PT1, PT2 Tap DH

5:15-5:45pm Petite Tap DH

5:45-6:30pm Mini Tap DH

6:30-7:15pm Teen,Sr Tap DH

7:15-8:00pm Junior Tap DH

8-9pm Junior Jazz JW

9-10pm Intern Tap DH
(Rehearsal las 15 minutes)



4-5pm Petite Ballet MM

5-6pm Junior Ballet MM

6-7pm Teen, Sr Contemporary JM

7-8pm Hip Hop 3 NK
(by placement)

8-10pm Tn, Intern, PT1 Ballet/Pointe* MM
(by placement)

4-5:30pm Teen, Intern, PT1 Turns JM

5:30-7pm PT1, PT2 Ballet RE
(by placement)

7-7:30pm PT1, PT2 Pointe RE
(by placement)

7:30-9pm PT1, PT2 Partnering RE
(female dancers must be on pointe)

9-10pm Hip Hop 4 NK
(by placement)

3-4pm Creative Movement 2 KB
(ages 4-5)

4-5pm Combo Tap/Hip Hop KB (ages 6-7)

5-6pm Hip Hop MA
(ages 7-11)

6-7pm Hip Hop 2 NK
(by placement)

7-8pm Mini Ballet MM

8-9pm Junior Turns NK

4:15-5:45pm Junior Lyrical JM

5:45-7:15pm Teen Ballet RE

7:30-8:45pm PT2 Open JW

8:45-10pm Intern Jazz JW

4:15-5:45pm Sr, PT1, PT2 Ballet RE

5:45-6:45pm Rotating Specialty Varies

6:45-7:30pm Sr, PT1, PT2 Rehearsal ML

7:30-8:45pm Teen, Sr Lyrical/Contemporary ML

8:45-10pm PT1, PT2 Lyrical/Contemporary ML

3:30-4pm Tiny Tot Rock KB
(ages 2-3)

4-5pm Combo Ballet/Jazz KB
(ages 5-6)

5-5:30pm Petite Rehearsal KB

5:30-6:30pm Petite Jazz KB

6:30-7:30pm Lyrical KB
(ages 9-11)

7:30-8:45pm Intern Ballet RE

8:45-10pm Ballet for Teenagers
(ages 12+)

Company Classes
4-5:30pm Modern HL
(ages 13+, requires teacher approval)
Company Classes



8:45-9:30am Creative Movement 1 KB
(ages 3-4)  

9:30-10:30am Creative Movement 2 KB
(ages 4-5)                                 

10:30-11:30am Combo Ballet/Jazz KB
(ages 5-6) 

11:30-12:30pm Jazz/Lyrical KB
(ages 7-10) 

12:30-1:30pm Jazz/Poms KB
(ages 11-14)